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2331 Hwy 2 | Milford, Nova Scotia | B0N 1Y0

Staff Directory 2016/2017
Mike Smith Principal
Dianne Fraser   Vice-Principal (grades 10 & 12 students)
Lee Anne Arsenault   Vice-Principal (grades 9 & 11 students)
Sherri Crowell   Admin Assistant - Main Office   902-758-4620
Cathy McLean Admin Assistant - Attendance & Transcripts


Kari Furmidge   Admin Assistant - Scholarships & Bursaries  


Arts & Technology | English | French | Math | Science | Social Studies | Student Services

Alphabetical Listing of Staff
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Beals, Kim Educational Assistant
Belair, Lisa   Educational Assistant
Benedict, Catherine   Teacher
Brown, Tim   Librarian
Buchholz, Rachel   Teacher

Cameron, Ashley   Teacher
Cameron, Janice   Teacher
Campbell, Bruce   Teacher
Casavechia, Craig   Teacher, CEP Coordinator
Cawthra, Karen   Educational Assistant
Cleveland, Ceta   Educational Assistant
Comeau, Amy Jo   Teacher
Comeau, Trevor   Teacher
Cook, Ashley   Teacher
Csunyoscka, Melanie   Educational Assistant
Dalrymple, Tina   Teacher
Dean-Moore, Stephanie   Guidance - Grades 9 & 11
DeCoste, Kim   Teacher
Densmore, Kari   Teacher
Devine, Cassandra   Teacher
deVries, Rachel   Teacher
Dickie, Gail   Security
Dunlap, Cecil   Educational Assistant
Ells, Darlene   Teacher, Math Department Head
Farrell, Londa   Teacher, Registrar, Arts & Technology Department Head
Fisher, Bruce   Teacher, Social Studies & Trades Department Head
Fisher, Jennifer   Teacher
Forster, Kyle  

Teacher, (Off 1st Semester)
Forster, Leah   Teacher, Science Department Head
Gilbert, Louis   Teacher
Horne, Natalie   Teacher, English Department Head
Isenor, Trudi   Teacher
Jamieson, Marilyn   Teacher, French Department Head
Juurlink, Lexi   Teacher
Kennedy, Patti   Teacher
Knox, Kareen   Resource - Grade 11

MacDonald, Eppy   Special Education
MacKinnon, Theresa   Teacher
Maloney, Shawn First Nations Liaison
Martin, Adrienne   Teacher
Matheson, Debbie   Teacher
Matthews, Serena   Resource - Grade 9
Noel, Jennifer   Resource - Grade 10
Ponee, Cheryl   RCMP Liaison
Retfalvi, Natalie Educational Assistant
Rose, Wayne   Teacher
Sherry, Craig   Teacher
Skinner, Kelly   Educational Assistant
Smith, Beth   Resource - Grade 12
Sparks, Doug   Teacher
Stockdale, Chris   Teacher
Tibbitts, Christa   Teacher
Van Dusen, Erin   Teacher
von Kintzel, Heather   Guidance - grades 10 & 12, Student Services Department Head
White, Mary Ann   Teacher
Wilson, Ian   Teacher
Wolfe, Shawn   Teacher
Young, Sally   Teacher