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Student Travel

Links to help your travel experience.


Canadian Passport Application
From this site you can download and print your passport application.  You can take your application to the Passport Office in the Maritime Centre on Barrington St.

ISIC - International Student Card
This card is an international ID and entitles you to lots of student discounts worldwide.

Lonely Planet Travel Guide
Also available in bookstores, this guide gives you information on travel, sights to see, places to stay around the world.  Lots of travel tips and travellers' stories are included.


Work/Volunteer Programs

World Endeavors
This American organization offers volunteer, study, and intern programs in several countries around the world.

Volunteer Abroad
This comprehensive site has ideas on study, jobs, volunteering around the world and lots of general travel information and tips (some information is American).

SWAP (Student Work Abroad Program) This program is for students looking for an opportunity to live, work and travel in many different countries around the world.

Canada World Youth
This program gives you an opportunity to get involved in community development in Canada or overseas.

Projects Abroad
Lots of great ideas on short term summer programs in a wide variety of countries are listed on this site.

Youth Challenge International
These programs are available in Africa and Central America.  Volunteer opportunities include health promotion, community development and conservation.

Au Pair World
Students have been successful in finding au pair positions through this site.


Study Programs

EF - Education First - Language and High School Study Abroad

ASSE - International Student Exchange Program

Nacel - Student Exchange Program

French Summer Language Bursary Program

Study Abroad Programs - Our guide provides an in-depth look at what studying abroad is -- where to go, what to study -- as well as the financial factors to consider . Studying abroad can be a unique and fulfilling opportunity, but it can also be very costly. With this guide, we show students and their families that it's possible to study abroad without breaking the bank.

Studying abroad is an exciting opportunity, although the programs offered can be overwhelming and heavy on the wallet. As a student and traveler - it is important to be all well-informed as possible when making the decision on where to embark on this next big adventure.

Accredited Schools Online have created a guide in hopes to alleviate some of that pressure and make the excitement of travel and education stay through the whole process. Our guidebook includes a checklist for safe and smart travel - including a list of things to know, ways on how to finance this grand adventure, and safety resources to have knowledge of when out of the country. All this and more can be found here: Student's Guide to Studying Abroad