You're Invited! HERH Tiger Awards

The following students are invited to attend the HERH Tiger Awards.  Come and celebrate your participation and achievements. 

June 27, 6:30pm.  Social to follow.

Abbott, Julie Madelaine Grace
Andrews, Kalie Mackenzie
Arnold, Dylan Mackenzie
Benight, Brooklyn Ashley
Bowen, Amanda Margaret
Brown, Annalise Marie
Brown, Mallory Emma
Brown, Samantha Noelle
Burden, Ariana Faye
Butler, MacKenzie Lorraine
Cameron, Adam Patrick
Campbell, Johanna Marie
Carter, Oliver James
Centrone, Benjamin Michael
Chauder, Emily Marie
Clark, Emma Joan Marie
Clow, Ailyn Ann
Colbourne, Jenna Marie
Conrad, Riley Scott
Cormier, Kaleigh Mary Francis
Damsteegt, Rebecca Joy
Darbourne, Elysia Willow
Davis, Kristy Michele
Doan, Nhat Minh
Dollimont, Haylea Ann Frances
Drake, Megan Victoria
Edmond, Hope Alexandra
Ellsworth, Kaitlyn Lee
Farnell, Cameron Thomas
Ferguson, Phylecia Marie Rayne
Fisher-Bell, Christina Madison
Flynn, Caden Nicholas
Flynn, Raina Natasha Rose
Fraser, Cameron Charles William
Gates, Nathan Thomas
Gehue, Sophia Elizabeth
Gemelli, Giulia
Giffen, Wesley Andrew
Groves, Maya Dawn
Hain, Harrison Martin
Hall, Madison Brooke
Hatcher, Macy Jewel
Hawco, Abbigail Dawn Susan
Hazell, Raymond Gordon
Healy, Margaret Elizabeth
Helpard, Haley Eileen Elizabeth
Heukshorst, Autumn Rose
Heukshorst, Grace Lillian
Heukshorst, Joseph David
Horne, Jacob Gregory
Hunt, Adam Robert
Igarashi, Momoka
Isenor-Blake, Layne Bailey
Isenor, Bradley Hugh
Isenor, Emily Elizabeth Grace
Jensen, Conner Alexander
Juliusson, Andrew Paul
Kimoto, Anna
Kinnear-Lanthier, Olivia Isabella
Korkisch, Clara Sophie
Landry, Nathan Michael
Langille, Braden Alic
Le, Thao Vi Ngoc
LeBlanc, Aiden James
LeDrew, Jeremy Edward
Leonardo, Caden Jorge
Lloyd, Mitchell Kenneth
Maatouk, Karla Maria
Maatouk, Kristina
MacDonald, Breanna Sarah
MacDonald, Jeffrey Nicholas
MacIntyre, Cassie Olivia
MacIsaac, William Alexander
MacLean, Emily Janice
MacLean, Gracie Elizabeth
MacLean, Kyla Marie
MacLean, Lindsay Dawn
MacNeil, Jacob Keith
MacRae, Jake Douglas
Martell, Carrigan Angel
McCracken, Fiona Kate
McCracken, Lily Anne
McGrath, Abigail Eileen
McKenzie, Daniel Mark
McManus, Chloe Rae
McMullen, Lorien Danielle Lynne
Mendel-Elias, Abigail
Miller, Ireland Gale Elizabeth
Morrison, Sean Douglas
Munroe, Kayla Dianne
Nima, Madison Grace
Nurse, Bradley Thomas
O'Halloran, Grace Marie
O'Neil, Brendan Taylor
Oakley, Dillon Russell
Oickle, Sarah Jane
Orwick, Shyan Alexandria
Patey, Noah Malcolm
Penney, Randi Jillian
Pertus, Jessica Patricia Marie
Pettipas, Evan Dwayne
Pierre, Kathy Anne
Pineo, Erika Leigh-Anne
Pineo, Olyvia Lillian Mae
Pointon, Brooklyn Marie
Poole, Tyler James
Preiss, Laura-Lee Don
Quinn, Mary Katherine
Quinn, Sarah Louise
Retfalvi, Allison Catherine
Rhind, Jonah Cole
Rhude, Hannah Louise
Rhyno, Tyler Andrew
Ribahi, Sasha
Rose, Vanessa Elizabeth Lilian
Sampson, Joshua Owen
Schofield, Ryan Scott
Scott, Brynn Seamus
Scott, Shae Hunter
Shields, Austin Robert
Shields, Benjamin Ross
Skinner, Kyle Andrew
Smith, Duncan Michael
Smith, Sarah Grace
Snook, Hannah Elizabeth Jane
Spurr, Katelyn Elizabeth
Stapleton, Ainsley Olivia
Stewart, Tyler James
Strickland, Joshua Ronald
Trainor, Emily Louise
Turner, Jared Blake
Valcourt, Madelaine Jade
Van Wychen, Taya Audrey Wilhelmina
VanZeumeren, Sarah Elan Justine
von Kintzel, Keira Ellen
Wareham, Jennifer Nicole
Warwick, Emma Jean
Watson, David Gregory Thomas
Watters, Tasha Gayle
Weagle, Owen Fraser
Welton, James Logan
West, Taylor Paige
Wheaton, Megan Amanda
White, Jacob Allen
Wilson, Blake Christopher
Wilson, Jeanna Nicole
Wood, Beth Marie
Woodworth, Brayden Nicholas
Woodworth, Brookes Dallen
Woodworth, Nathan Alexander
Wright, Kegan Douglas
Yasinci, Nil Su
Yeomans, Jacob Francis

Welcome to Hants East Rural High


2331 Hwy #2 | Milford Station, Nova Scotia | B0N 1Y0

Phone: 902-758-4620
Fax:   902-758-4626

Mike Smith – Principal (758-4621)


Lee Anne Arsenault – VP Grades 10 & 12 (758-4623)

Dianne Fraser – VP Grades 9 & 11 (758-4699)

Stephanie Dean-Moore – Guidance – Grades 10 & 12 (758-4627)

Jacqueline GreenoughGuidance – Grades 9 & 11 (758-4612)

Sherri Crowell – Administrative Assistant, Main Office (902-758-4615)

Kari Furmidge – Administrative Assistant

Attendance, Transcripts, Bursaries & Scholarships (902-758-4622)


Mr. Trevor Boyd

We are very saddened to share the passing of Trevor Boyd, who spent the first four months of the 2017 – 2018 school year at HERH as part of his school counselling practicum with Mrs. von Kintzel. Trevor made special connections with many of our students, families and staff during his time at HERH. It was a gift to our school to have Trevor with us, he taught us so much about equity and approaching challenges with kindness, patience and an open heart. He will be greatly missed.


Grad Events

Grad Events 2018


Grad Fees - $25.00

  • Grad Fees cover the cost of the graduation cap/tassel, corsage and pin, gown rental, diploma folder and reception following the graduation ceremony. Grad fees can be paid to Kari in the office. Remember you must have also paid your Student Fees ($65.00) to participate in Grad Functions.


Prom - June 25 (Monday) 

  • The prom tickets can be purchased for $20.00 from Kari in the office.
  • Prom decorating will be on Monday starting at 9:00 am
  • Announcing of the Graduates - Meet at HERH by 7:15pm. Enter through the side AV foyer entrance and line up with a partner down the library hallway. Grad with their date (if they wish) will be introduced on the front steps of the school. Once all Grads have been introduced, a group photo will be taken. Grads with their guest will then travel to the Milford REC Hall for dance.
  • Prom Dance at Milford REC (8:00 pm – 10:30 pm)

Graduation Ceremony – June 28th

  • Mandatory Grad Practice - Grad tickets will be given to Grads during the mandatory practice at 9:00 am on June 28th. Also, at this time Grads will receive their cap, gown and sash.
  • Graduation Ceremony
    The 2017 Graduation ceremony will take place on June 28th, 2018 at 3:00 pm. Each Grad will receive 2 tickets for the theatre and 3 tickets for a live feed to the gymnasium.

Safe Grad – June 28/29

  • Tickets ($20.00) can be purchased from Kari in the office. Note: Tickets purchased before June 8th will be guaranteed a Safe Grad T-Shirt.
  • Location: East Hants Sportsplex. Doors open at 8:30 pm – Pick-up time 6:30 am
  • Activities: Swimming, floor hockey, inflatable games, hypnotist, team games, food.
  • Note: Safe Grad participants are expected to spend the entire night under the supervision of HERH staff





HERH will be opening a Food Pantry to help address issues of food insecurity within our school community. Below is a list which details some of the items that we are hoping to receive. The HERH Food Pantry will be located in the Youth Health Centre.

If you would like to donate, it would be greatly appreciated! Please drop off any donations to the main office.